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Meteorological Information for Locust Control

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The Desert Locust plague in 2004 drew the attention of the world to the threat they pose to the food security of the affected countries, especially in the developing world. All the different phases in the life cycle of a locust require ideal meteorological conditions for it to evolve from the solitary phase to the gregarious phase and cause the widespread damage.

To ensure more effective monitoring and control of the desert locusts and the important role for the National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) in this task, WMO organized an Expert Meeting on Meteorological Information for Locust Control in Geneva, Switzerland from 18-20 October 2004 to discuss the response from NMHSs to the current Desert Locust infestation. Representatives from the Food and Agriculture Organization, AGRHYMET, Italy, and India attended the meeting.

One major recommendation from the meeting was that NMHSs need to strengthen their collaboration with the National Locust Control Centres (LCCs) and provide near real-time daily rainfall and temperature observations and forecasts at a centralized location to provide easy access for the LCCs, regional organizations and international agencies such as FAO. With this recommendation in mind, the capability of countries to upload daily weather data from April to October 2005 was developed on this web page. The data will be processed into a password protected web page for the National LCCs, FAO, and other regional and national institutions to access and use these data in their locust control applications.

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